Carolina Junghans - Managing Partner


  • Hometown? Being an air force nomad gave me several hometowns – Extended family in Madrid, Spain and Wilson, North Carolina provided two home bases throughout life.
  • Nickname? Caro, mommy or Freud
  • What cartoon character best describes you and why? Dora the Explorer. For many reasons including having a business partner that is also a monkey that I have to talk some sense into from time to time and speaking fluent Spanish (I call my daddy ‘papi’)!
  • Random fact about yourself? I was once asked to be an extra on the set of Beverly Hills 90210. I thought I was cool. And am proving to be quite the opposite listing this as my random fact.
  • Favorite Blink moment? The day we moved into our cool new Blink offices on Main Street and every morning after that seeing the amazing people that walk through the front doors.