Vanderbilt University Campus Dining Sustainable Water Bottle

Blink was tasked with sourcing 7,500 reusable water bottles that met all requirements of Vanderbilt’s long-term sustainability strategy including using these bottles to eliminate all single-use plastic bottles across the University, an opening that would allow quick and easy filling at the campus’s rapid water bottle filling stations, a dishwasher safe and durable material, the capacity to hold 16oz or more, delivered for $10.00 or less per bottle and within 30 days for the start of school.

Using the client provided information, our quality, logistics and sales teams immediately met with our overseas factory partners. A short 17 hours later, Blink met with the team at Vanderbilt and presented four unique bottle options that either met or exceeded the sustainability requirements as well as the additional specs of the project.

Blink was able to not only deliver a bottle that met all specifications but was able to deliver ahead of schedule. Our team collaborated with the client and our overseas manufacturer to determine an imprint method that would maximize durability while maintaining the target price per unit and ultimately decided a laser engraved imprint would be the best for the job. The client was extremely satisfied with the finished product and recommended our company and our product to their counterpart at another University for a similar sustainability initiative.