Uncle Ben’s Food Safety Product Audit

A global food segment leader imagined a custom cooking wok to support their consumer engagement program. This premium custom wok needed to be retail quality and compliant to all applicable food safety requirements.

Blink Marketing’s diverse set of production partners are leaders in their respective areas of expertise. To execute this project successfully, Blink’s quality team sourced capable production facilities based on the project criteria to conduct pre-production verification audits of the facilities and their processes. The “boots on the ground” approach used by Blink’s quality team and ISO certifications are key differentiators when it comes to comparing Blink to others in the industry. Leveraging our benchmarked ISO and FSSC audit format, Blink assessed the facility, programs, and processes.

The custom wok and packaging were delivered absent non-conformities, meeting all key criteria of the project, and surpassing client expectations. This program was a huge success for the client and re-orders are in progress.