PEDGIREE Foundation Consolidated Go-To-Market Initiative

The Pedigree Foundation was looking for an all-in branded merchandising agency to help support their need for a streamlined growth initiative that would support their multi-channel go-to-market strategy. With a physical brick and mortar location in addition to various tradeshow type events, e-commerce sites, and pop-up stores, the Pedigree Foundation needed a centralized storage, distribution, and promotion management system.

Blink Marketing’s webstore, warehouse and promotions teams worked together to develop a strategy to unify all processes in one over-arching umbrella while maximizing value to the client and its customers. Blink’s focus was to customize and implement a centralized inventory management system through data harmonization and CPU classification. This type of system would allow B-to-B, B-to-C and C-to-C purchases on both wholesale and retail levels.

Consolidation of each independent platform per Blink’s proposal and systems improved the buyer
experience, exponentially increased efficiencies for Pedigree personnel, and allowed for enhanced visibility of products. The new consolidated system also maximized buying power through leveraged collective purchases across all Pedigree Foundation distribution channels. With the success of the consolidation efforts, Blink Marketing now manages all merchandizing and fulfillment activities for the Pedigree Foundation’s physical locations, short-term pop-up shops and traditional e-commerce stores including Amazon and other B-to-C platforms.