MARS US Mint Silver Bars

Blink was tasked with providing ‘outside the box’ ideas for a Mars Petcare factory 40th Anniversary commemorative item. The client specifically wanted an item that the recipients wouldn’t have ever received before and would never throw away.

After a couple rounds with Blink’s brainstorming team, a custom 99.99% pure precious metal bar was the winning idea. While Blink has had a lot of experience with custom metal casting lapel pins, luggage tags, divot markers and other custom metal items, this would be the first project that would involve 99.99% certified precious metal. After some R&D, Blink developed a winning solution that included buying silver from the United States Mint, designing artwork for the custom die cast production method, producing, quality inspecting and sending the metal bars to Washington DC to certify authenticity. Once Blink received the certified silver bars from DC, its kitting/fulfilment team wore gloves to finally package each bar in its own custom designed branded pouch for a true gift presentation.

Once the word got around the Mars network of factories, Blink received multiple pure metal bar orders for other factories celebrating ‘Hours without LTI’ and ‘Service Excellence’. “This looks like a true collectors piece. Great job, Blink!” ~ Mars factory manager.