Ingram Barge Uniform Webstore Program

Ingram Barge came to Blink to transition the management of their online uniform program. The client shared the challenges experienced with their previous online uniform program and requested that our team come up with creative solutions for inventory management, on-demand uniform needs and the management of budget approved items and employee store permissions.

Blink’s webstore development team designed a store that gave the client the ability to put items on sale, clearance and even move to an “outlet store” to assist with inventory reduction and also worked with the client to set inventory trigger points for new items. We created a fully integrated on-demand product catalog which required no inventory to be purchased up front and gave the customer the ability to hand pick the garment, item color and logo. Finally, using custom coding, our team enabled the store platform to determine if an item is approved for budget dollar purchasing and, if approved, appropriately subtract from the employee’s allocated annual budget dollars. If the item is deemed a non-budget item, a credit card is required at check out.

The client has been extremely satisfied with our online webstore solution and continues to add more products to support their employee uniform program. In the first month of operation, our team successfully shipped over 3,000 products out of our on-site warehouse to support the launch of this store.