Cesar Twinning Campaign


Mars Petcare approached Blink Marketing with a unique social media buzz campaign for one of their billion dollar brands, Cesar. With a holiday theme as their direction and ‘#Twinning’ as the key word for the campaign, our teams ultimately landed on matching human and dog sweaters as the perfect fit. Blink was tasked with creating three custom human and three custom dog sweaters, in three human and three dog sizes, with a global distribution to nine countries. Logistics, regulatory requirements, and language alone are challenging, but adding a pet element would add an even deeper level of complexity.


Partnering with AMV BBDO, MARS Global Agency based in the UK, we worked together to make the MARS vision come to life. Blink’s R&D team pulled sizing references for both humans and dogs for each country of distribution and created a global size average. For the design, Blink and AMV BBDO collaborated on evaluating the artwork that was supplied by dogs! (You read that right, designed by dogs!) The entire sweater artwork – from colors, designs and patterns – were selected by our furry friends. Once finalized, we began our risk assessment for each country to ensure proper testing and specification was outlined during production.

During the testing phase, Blink was able to identify and remedy potential concerns with the sizing matrix, artwork adjustments needed for hems and seams, and even the sweaters function with live pet testing.
Once the testing was complete, product specification and risk level approved, product regulatory compliance confirmed, and all text translated with legal review, we could finally move to production. To streamline product distribution, each country received its own unique SKU identifier. Through this SKU, we could track each countries product in real time and know exactly where it was in production.


With 80 million impressions and 40,000 entries, #Twinning became a global social media success and one of BBDO/ Cesars best social media campaigns to date. Blink’s ablity to work through the many challenges, on a global scale, proved to be a key element to this campaigns success.

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