Blink Marketing Upholds Promotional Product Industry’s Highest Standards

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (December 12, 2019) – Blink Marketing’s Director of Quality and Operations, Kyle Earing, has over a decade of experience working in Quality and the Promotional Products industry. Throughout his countless years in his career, he has reached numerous accomplishments from becoming a certified FSSC 22000 Lead Auditor to continuous recognition for upholding the upmost quality of global brands. He continues to enhance the Quality Program at Blink and establishes key partnerships within the supply chain to ensure quality, conformance and performance for their client’s products.

Blink Marketing recently began the QCA Distributor Certification Program. The Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) is a non-profit, independent organization who provides a common set of third-party standards the promotional products industry can use for brand safety assurances. The QCA is comprised of top manufacturers, suppliers and distributors within the industry. Blink Marketing is always looking to keep up to date on the industry’s standards and becoming a part of the QCA Distributor Compliance Program allows them to receive frequent updates and education on all the ever-changing regulatory requirements.

“While there are negative pressures placed on every brand that enters the marketplace, our clients have partnered with Blink Marketing due to our unwavering commitment to item quality, regulatory compliance and supply chain safety,” says Kyle. “Pursuing QCA Certification will help us to further refine our programs and increase the level of brand protection available to our clients. After all, in this age where news travels quickly, we all have a responsibility to do our very best when sourcing items, as it only takes one mistake to permanently damage a brand and significantly tarnish the reputation of an entire industry.”

Starting in January 2020, Kyle Earing will be joining the Product Responsibility Action Group (PRAG) as one of its panelists. PRAG is a self-governing group that helps guides the promotional product industry and propose new regulations. The panelists are made up of regulation compliance executive members from top distributors and suppliers in the industry. Being invited to join PRAG is a testimony to Blink’s commitment to quality and industry leadership.

Kyle Earing was also invited to speak at PPAI’s Annual Responsibility Summit in September 2019. The Summit held several sessions a day where panelists spoke on everything from Social Responsibility to Sourcing Beyond China and Product Hazards. The event gave attendees an in-depth look at the obligation the promotional products industry must ensure the safety of their client’s products. Mr. Earing was one of four panelists that spoke on the challenges of overseeing compliance for a company. In an age of duplication, production cost cutting and global sourcing strategies, it is more critical than ever that clients and the promotional products industry continue advancing their quality programs.

“It was a tremendous honor to be invited to have a speaking role on the agenda of the PPAI Product Responsibility Summit,” says Kyle Earing, “Being invited to share my experiences in the area of product quality and supply chain safety is humbling as this was the industry’s largest gathering of promotional products industry professionals solely dedicated to quality, safety, and compliance.”

Blink’s Quality Assurance encompasses finding the right people, using the right process and products, keeping consumers safe, protecting brands and satisfying customer needs. Through this process, Blink has gained a multitude of clients’ trust in ensuring the products ‘fit’ to the customer’s requirement with little to no adjustments. Blink has a commitment to producing the highest quality branded merchandise and promotional products that substantially enhance brand awareness while ensuring consumer safety and satisfaction.
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