Blink Marketing Named One of the Greatest Companies to Work For

It is no secret that the promotional products industry is booming this time of year. In May 2019, distributor sales went up over six percent to $24.7 billion, according to PPB Magazine, and there is no end in sight for sales to slow through the end of the year.

How does a company stay on top when industry sales are increasing this rapidly? The answer is quite simple – great leadership and motivated employees. Blink Marketing shows a tremendous amount of appreciation and respect for its employees. Not only do they have Employee Appreciation Days, but they also have company volunteer days, quarterly outings and a poker chip plan (employee reward plan). The exec team recognizes an employee when they surpass their normal job description by giving them a Blink-branded poker chip, which they can cash-in during quarterly redemption days for prizes or gift cards. These incentives keep their employees excited for work and motivated to outrun the competition.

“I’m honestly not shocked that Blink has made the ‘60 Greatest Companies To Work For’ list for a second year in a row. The company culture is insurmountable! Yes, we work hard and go above-and beyond for our clients, but we also like to have fun while doing it. I am so thankful to work for a company that puts their employees first and where I genuinely feel supported and appreciated.”, says Isabelle Karls, Production Coordinator.

Great companies start with a strong and supportive leader. Blink Marketing is led by a brother-sister team and this family-owned atmosphere is embodied in their leadership and management style. Carolina Junghans and Daniel Gardner place a great focus on commitment to their employees and have formed Blink around the belief of investing in their people, their quality process and their worldwide supplier partnerships.

“It really begins with each individual interview. We are very selective in our candidate selection process and while our team consists of diverse beliefs and background, there is a common thread of respect, hard-work and fun. Once you have a team made of individuals with these traits, the sky is the limit on things you can do as a whole. I would honestly love to spend time outside of work with every single person on the Blink team. I think that says a lot.”, says Carolina Junghans, Managing Partner.

Blink Marketing is the only distributor in Tennessee that has been recognized for, and won, this award in both 2018 and 2019. The family-like atmosphere of the company directly translates into the culture of their office. Blink’s individual departments work together to provide the utmost quality service to every client by being available to help with any of their needs. Whether it is helping to cultivate unique ideas to increase brand awareness or overseeing the entire order process, Blink provides an all-in approach for their clients. Blink has the capabilities and prices of the largest distributor in the industry but with the red-tape-free, small shop, boutique experience.

“Personally, this recognition does not come as a surprise to me.  The positive workplace we have here at Blink, full of entrepreneurial-minded colleagues, creates an award-winning business process where the real winner is our clients!  With our multiple departments working seamlessly together we have become the ideal branded merchandise and product sourcing partner for our clients. “, says Trevor Hyssong, Marketing Representative.

Blink Marketing, headquartered in Franklin, TN, was established in 2002. They understand and specialize in the ability to increase brand awareness through branded merchandise and promotional products. The use of promotional products as an advertising medium alone, increases brand interest by 69% and leaves 84% of recipients with a positive impression of the brand. Blink boosts impressions through their industry-leading product quality sourcing and cutting-edge creative team. The Blink Team believes branded merchandise should fit seamlessly within the overall marketing strategy and corporate brand. Blink’s goal is to provide clients with an all-in approach to promotional marketing that will serve the brand’s needs for years to come. Blink has a commitment to producing the highest quality branded merchandise and promotional products that substantially enhance brand awareness while ensuring consumer safety and satisfaction.

Blink Marketing was named the 2015 Promotional Products Association of the Mid-South Distributor of the Year. They were awarded the 4th fastest-growing promotional products distributor in the country by ASI, have been featured on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company list numerous times, and hold numerous Best Place to Work titles from PPB Magazine, Nashville Business Journal and the Promotional Products Industry Association.