Blink Marketing, Inc. Holds Company Food Drive for Local Family Center

 Blink Marketing, Inc. is always looking for ways to give back to the community that supports it so well. When they heard the news of a local food bank in need of supplies, Blink’s employees jumped at the opportunity to help.

“When I saw the plea from the Family Center and pictures of their empty shelves it broke my heart! The Blink Food Drive was only a success because all the Blink Marketing employees took part in loading a Blink bag, or two, with the non-perishables that the Family Center so desperately needed. I think we all felt great about giving back to an organization that does so much for our community and I am so proud of my work Family!” said Anna Eilermann, Head of the Events and Community Outreach.

More than 36,000 General Motors workers have been on strike for fair wages, affordable healthcare and job security since the middle of September. This included the region’s largest employer in Spring Hill, Tennessee with approximately 3,600 workers on strike. The strike has affected not only the GM employees, but also the community surrounding the plant in this town just south of Nashville.

The Family Center of Columbia, Tennessee feeds approximately 400 families a month, but following the strike, they had over 400 families seeking help in just the first two weeks. The strike has had a tremendous impact on the surrounding community, including The Family Center’s pantry. The Center did not see families of the GM workers come in, but truck drivers who deliver parts to GM, employees from places that produce those parts and other people from around the community that are not directly connected with GM, but were hit by the ripple effects without warning of the strike.

The Family Center was more than happy to help these members of the community but are starting to get low on supplies. They not only help with providing food for families, but also assisting them with rent and utilities. As the holiday season begins, they are forecasting more families than they usually see this time of year. They have provided ways the public can help support the incoming families through monetary, food or toy donations.

To learn more about how to help The Family Center, please visit