Blink Marketing Continues to Uphold Highest Quality Standards in Wake of COVID-19

Blink Marketing has been in the business of producing the highest quality promotional products for over 18 years. In a normal world, this Woman-Owned small business sources goods across all product categories from several suppliers, in the USA and abroad, on a daily basis. With the changes in the way we live due to the novel Coronavirus, Blink has shifted its product offerings to ensure its clients and community have access to the necessary supplies to stay safe and healthy.

Blink Marketing is no rookie when it comes to sourcing personal protective equipment (PPE). If you were to ask them about their primary safety products five months ago, the answer would have been anything from reflective vests to branded work gloves. Today, the company has shifted gears and specializes in supplying FDA approved masks, face shields, disposable gloves and a variety of hand sanitizers.

We are seeing companies from other industries enter the arena Blink has been in for almost two decades. It is encouraging to see people step up to help the public during this global pandemic, but it worries companies who have had years of expertise in providing the highest quality products to their consumers. Are these companies who are new to this arena doing the same amount of rigorous research and quality control on where they are sourcing their goods as the more experienced companies?

“Because of our familiarity with product quality and regulatory compliance for the diverse portfolio of products we offer, ensuring the authenticity of the PPE we offered was simply another project because we always treat our clients’ brand reputations as if it was “life or death”. That philosophy may come as a surprise to some, but in our current age where information can be widely disseminated in a very short period of time, any type of quality or safety events can have long lasting impacts to a product brand, so Blink Marketing always does its due diligence on products and goes above and beyond to ensure the supply chain is also the highest quality,” says Kyle Earing, Vice President of Quality and Operations at Blink Marketing.

Kyle Earing has over a decade of experience working in Quality and the Promotional Products industry. He has spoken on numerous panels about his unique industry leading perspectives, approaches and experiential information. Every year, Kyle conducts audits of Blink’s factory partners in order to ensure they are upholding the highest standards in the Promotional Products industry.
“At Blink Marketing we have always been on the forefront of quality and rely on a multi- step process to consistently manage our product supply chain. In addition, to a formal, repeatable process, Blink Marketing is unique from most other promotional product distributors in the industry by having trained quality management professionals and facility auditors on staff overseeing every client project.”

As more distributors and companies outside of the promotional products industry start to source N95 masks to healthcare workers, health agencies and governments around the world are cracking down on where these masks are sourced and testing them to ensure they are compliant to the specifications for health care settings.

In late April, Dutch officials recalled approximately 600,000 face masks manufactured in China because they did not meet quality standards, according to an MSN online news article. Issues like this arise when distributors and other companies source from factories that are not properly audited and produce illegitimate products to keep up with the tremendous global demand.

“Quality is not just a “buzz” word like many in the promotional marketing space
think. To truly manage the quality and safety of products you have to be willing to dig deep into the product supply chain to evaluate raw materials, production facilities and all of the processes used in creating a product. This level of commitment, as demonstrated by Blink Marketing, takes tremendous business dedication and resource support. I am proud to say that at Blink Marketing, we not only can certify the product that we offer, but also provide an assurance in the quality and safety of the supply chains established behind the product,” says Kyle Earing.

Blink’s quality assurance flywheel is comprised of finding its customers the right people, using the right processes and products, keeping consumers safe, protecting brands and satisfying customer needs. Blink’s commitment to quality and safety are foundational to the business’s success. This approach is now benefiting the community and its clients more than ever in the face of COVID-19, ensuring personal protection for those using their products on the front lines of defense or running a business in accordance to new operating mandates. Their sourcing experts and manufacturing partners are well positioned to continue providing their same level of service to fulfill hand-sanitizer, masks, gloves, and any other product needs or requests.

Blink Marketing launched its BlinkCares initiative after an EF-4 tornado hit Middle Tennessee in early March of this year to help combat the financial destruction caused by the storm. Within the same week, Tennessee confirmed its first case of COVID-19. Blink immediately took action to keep their employees, clients and community safe. The company has raised over $5,000 so far for the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. They launched an online catalog site for businesses and individuals to easily
access the necessary Personal Protective Equipment during this global pandemic. The site is updated daily as product inventory fluctuates and new products are released.

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