Lauren Taylor - Production Coordinator

615.599.1231 ext 209

  • Hometown? Old Hickory, TN.
  • Nickname? Sassy – because I do not take crap from people and have good comeback for things normally.  Lala – my little cousin has called me this ever since she was barely able to talk, so it just stuck!
  • What cartoon character best describes you and why? Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I have always loved her witty and sassy attitude, just like mine. Also, we both read and have a desire to continuously learn new things! Plus, I am kind of a princess… at least I think of myself as one lol and I also just really love Disney! Along with my love of Disney, that is where my fiancé proposed to me, so I cried ugly tears and it was perfect!
  • Random fact about yourself? I love gold sparkly things, especially antique gold looking things. I also am very passionate about cooking and baking. There is never a day when I do not cook or bake!!! I am also obsessed with my two dogs, Maggie and Grizzly, they are my world.
  • Favorite Blink moment?I haven’t been here long, but being introduced to my office mate who loves the same things I do, such as pink, sparkles, dogs, and color coordinating information makes me excited to work at such a fun and upbeat place. I know I will never get bored here with the endless good conversation amongst everyone!