Josh Womack - Senior Marketing Representative

615.599.1231 ext 228

  • Hometown? Nashville, TN
  • Nickname? Smack, J.Wo, my Native American name is “Won’t Shut Up”
  • What cartoon character best describes you and why? Was given the “most talkative” superlative in High School (see Indian Name above). I was a child fashion model in California in the early 80’s. It should be noted, that kid models obviously don’t have to be beautiful. My elementary school was a block away from the old Grateful Dead house in San Francisco. And yes, that IS what happened to me.
  • Random fact about yourself? I don’t believe in accidents (I can explain, I swear)…
  • Favorite Blink moment? On my second day when the whole staff decorated the Christmas tree while listening to holiday music (and possibly nipping on some top-shelf whiskey too, but you didn’t hear that from me). I knew off the bat, that Blink was the place for me.