Ashley Dearman - Webstore Production Coordinator

615-599-1231 ext 210

  • Hometown? San Francisco, CA
  • Nickname? In college it was Dearman, but my mom calls me Pumpkin. I’m not entirely sure why.  Marian calls me Dad.
  • What cartoon character best describes you and why? Bubbles from The Powerpuff girls. I’m a tough cookie wrapped up in a (sarcastic) blonde bubbly exterior. I also love animals, the color pink and generally anything else a Kindergarten girl might like.
  • Random fact about yourself? My first birthday was the big 1989 San Francisco earthquake and I swear I can still remember it. I’m obsessed with French Bulldogs, shopping and playing The Sims.
  • Favorite Blink moment? The Blink cookout. It was not long after I started and I really got to know my Blink family that day. It also just reinforced my belief that Blink is an exciting, fun and creative atmosphere to work in!