Super Powers

When you can have your cape and wear it, too.

Rocket Raccoon

24 Hour Service

We totally get it. Your plate is full and things slip through the cracks. Your August event seemed so far away and now it’s less than a week away and you still have nothing to hand out! Blink has your back. We offer 24 hour rush service on 1,000s of items and 2-3 day service on many more! Bottom line: You need your swag in a hurry? Blink is up for the challenge!

Legion of Superheroes

Dedicated Brainstorming Team

Consider Blink an extension of your own marketing department.  We are the team members that attend tradeshows, meet with manufacturers & decorators and filter through endless streams of daily product news & releases.  We are able to quickly compile targeted, creative product options into a clean presentation of ideas for your review.  You’ll be busy working on the rest of your to-do list and leaving your clients and co-workers in awe of how you can come up with so many brilliant ideas with everything else you have going on!



Whether you have an in-house graphic designer or outsource your artwork, we have a team in place to assist you. Our design team can create a logo from scratch, modify your flat artwork into a useable vector file, digitize your vector art for embroidery or simply send over a product mock-up so you can see how pretty your design looks on our products. And, when applicable, our design fees are a good example of getting WAY more than you pay for… kind of like landing a Bob Ross painting for the price of a Vanilla Ice poster.

Mr. Fantastic

Single Point of Contact

Tired of that online promo store giving you the run around?  You will never again have to worry about who to call when you work with Blink Marketing. Your very own Mister (or Misses) Fantastic will give your job the white glove service it deserves, from the moment you place it until it lands in its pretty little package on your desk or at your event. Never again will you have to hear “Let me transfer you to the next available customer service rep.”!


Satisfaction Guarantee

We try to be modest, but we don’t exaggerate when we say we think we are the best in the business. If a promotional products company tells you that they have never had an issue in production, run fast in the opposite direction. At Blink, we have many safety nets and quality control procedures in place to ensure that the inevitable issues are minimized to the smallest margin possible. But it is production and sometimes stuff happens. Our guarantee to you is simple: If you aren’t satisfied with anything we have promised to deliver, let us know and we will make it right. It’s just that simple.


Product Testing

Let Blink do the dirty work for you! We take a strong position on quality control, quality of products and restricted substances. We only partner with factories that are compliant with the current USA guidelines for restricted substances and can provide the proper certification as needed. We also have independent testing agencies that we use to provide further testing on custom made products. We will make sure your giveaway piece makes headlines because it is unique and extraordinary, not because it had to be recalled!

Captain America

Made in the USA

Who doesn’t love to buy Made in the USA products?  It just feels good to the patriotic soul.  At Blink Marketing, we have an entire database filled with thousands of the highest quality, Made in the USA items that will have you singing the Star Spangled Banner with pride.  Just let your ‘Mister Fantastic’ know if you’d like your ‘Legion of Superheroes’ to include Made in the USA products in your next brainstorming session and we’ll make it happen – with liberty and justice for all.

Green Force

Environmentally Friendly

From reusable grocery bags to recycled tire pens and everything in between, Blink is your go-to solution for eco-friendly promotional products.  We are proud to offer products made from 100% recycled materials, organic cotton, bamboo, BPA free plastic, recycled paper/plastic and more for your next Earth Day or every day branded merchandise projects!  Go Earth!


Industry Specific Programs + Packages

We are fortunate enough to have long-lasting relationships with clients across several industries for many years. In working closely with multiple clients within the same industry, we begin to note trends – product popularity, similar challenges, budgets, etc.  These trends have allowed us to put together programs and packages that fill your brand merchandising needs within your industry:


COMING SOON! – Professional and University Athletics Playoff Program

COMING SOON! – Advertising Agency

COMING SOON! – Restaurants

COMING SOON! – Construction

COMING SOON! – TV/Music/Entertainment

COMING SOON! – Exhibits/Tradeshows

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