Blink Named One of 12 Greatest Companies to Work For


We were honored to be included in this great list from PPAI Publications. Here’s the article – head over here for the full write-up.

Why employees love working at Blink:

“Our office environment is energetic, fun and loud but most importantly team driven and encouraging,” says nominator Jenny McIntyre, vice president of sales, who has been with the company for five years. “Numerous times a month, a rep will set up a brainstorming meeting for a new client and at least 75 percent of the office will be there to pitch in. We share ideas, cheer each other on, talk through issues, build each other up during the slow months and celebrate during the big wins.”

What makes Blink different from other employers:

McIntyre says, “We strive to create an environment that doesn’t feel like work. We have found that when work is fun, our clients will be the ones who benefit.” The company gives each rep the freedom to manage their time, clients and days as they see fit, and in a manner that will make them the most successful. She says no one punches a time clock. “If you are done with your work and have stuff to do at home, you go home. If you have a busy day and need to stay until 9 pm, you stay and come in later the next morning.” She stresses that the company encourages employees to independently manage their time so that work is not left undone, clients are never neglected, and family and friends outside of work are the top priority.

>>How Blink Celebrates Success

Ringing a cow bell or blowing an air horn to recognize new or large orders (employees try to guess the amount of the order and cheer each other on); Blink-branded poker chips handed out by upper management for above-and-beyond achievements, which are redeemed for gift cards at month’s end; group outings, birthday celebrations and an April recognition banquet.

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