Blink Marketing, Inc. Speaks at 2019 Product Responsibility Summit

Every year the Promotional Products industry gathers to learn more about urgent business implications, challenges and opportunities regarding compliance. This year’s Responsibility Summit was held in Alexandria, Virginia and provided attendees with an eye-opening experience to explore the latest developments within the marketplace and show why corporate social responsibility and compliance are of the utmost importance.

Blink Marketing’s very own Senior Director of Quality and Operations, Kyle Earing, spoke at this year’s summit on the panel of industry thought leaders. Mr. Earing was chosen to speak at the event because of his outstanding achievements, unique industry leading perspectives, approaches and priceless experiential information. He has over a decade of experience working in Quality and the Promotional Products industry. Throughout his countless years in his career, he has reached numerous accomplishments from becoming a certified FSSC 22000 Lead Author to receiving “ASSURED” supplier status by Mars Global, making his current company the 1st Premia and Promotional Supplier to achieve this designation for Mars.

There was a total of 28 speakers from across the country at the Summit. He spoke on “How to Not Be the Bad Guy” when it comes to being a compliance officer with four other industry compliance leaders. The discussion took a frank look at the challenges of overseeing compliance for a company. The panelists shared tips on how to build consensus; how to say no without damaging relationships, how to get buy-in from the top and how to build a culture of product responsibility.

The Summit held several sessions a day where panelists spoke on everything from Social Responsibility to Sourcing Beyond China and Product Hazards. The event gave attendees an in-depth look at the obligation the promotional products industry must ensure to their clients.

In an age of item duplication, production cost cutting and global sourcing strategies, it is more critical than ever that clients and the promotional products industry continue advancing their quality programs.  The three primary components of a well-rounded quality program include item compliance, consumer safety, and brand protection.  Blink Marketing collectively focuses on each element of quality as they manage each project from ideation through final product delivery.  This commitment to quality at every step of the production process ensures they not only deliver products conforming to requirements and expectations, but they are also able to identify valuable learnings along the way.  By acting on newly found information to enhance performance and outcomes, Blink Marketing fully embraces continuous improvement principles. The company’s passion for continuous improvement and dedication to quality has enabled their success and ensured each client experience is second to none.

Blink’s Quality Assurance is comprised of finding their customers the right people, using the right process and products, keeping consumers safe, protecting brands and satisfying customer needs. Through this process, Blink has gained a multitude of companies’ trust in ensuring the products ‘fit’ to the customer’s requirement with little to no adjustments. Blink has a commitment to producing the highest quality branded merchandise and promotional products that substantially enhance brand awareness while ensuring consumer safety and satisfaction.